In the Under 60 Minutes You'll Learn To:

  • Master the 4 Quadrants of Emotional Intelligence

  • Articulate the value of EQ at work

  • Recognize the business outcomes improved by greater EQ

  • Identify emotional triggers at work

  • Understand physical-emotional responses

  • Improve your self-awareness

  • Improve your emotional self-management

  • Improve your awareness of others

  • Improve your emotional management of others

  • Understand how mindfulness contributes to EQ management

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • A message from your instructor

    • Story Time: The Yeller

    • There's more than meets the eye

    • Self-Awareness Check

  • 2

    Intro to EQ

    • Introduction to the 4 Quadrants of EQ

    • The Benefits of EQ at Work

    • Emotional Triggers at Work

    • Physical-Emotional Responses

    • Others-Awareness Check

  • 3

    Improving your Skills in the 4 EQ Quadrants

    • Improving Self-Awareness

    • Improving Self-Management

    • Improving Awareness of Others

    • Improving Others-Management

  • 4

    You and Your Emotions

    • No One Can "Make You Feel" Anything

    • You Are What You Do

    • On Treating People as Negatively as They are Treating You

    • Managing Your Threat Response

    • Let's Try Mindfulness

    • Increasing Positivity

  • 5

    Emotionally Intelligent Organizations

    • Your Work is Half of Your Life

    • The Qualities of an Emotionally Intelligent Organization

    • Cultural Differences and EQ

    • I Hate Negative People! (haha! just kidding)

  • 6

    Next Steps...

    • More resources for you

    • Before you go...

    • The Slides Deck

Your EQ Instructor

Professor of Strategic Management

Corrie J Block, PhD, DBA

Dr. Corrie Block has 20+ years of experience in 100+ companies across 30+ countries and carries 30,000 hours of education. He is a Professor of Strategic Management, holds Masters degrees in Business and Leadership, a UK PhD, a Swiss DBA, and certification in Artificial Intelligence from MIT. He's a Certified Executive Coach, Wellness Coach, NLP Level 2 Business Practitioner, and Advanced Financial Statement Analyst. Plus, he's a naturally engaging storyteller and an impact-focused instructor.

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